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Reimagining the way artists and audiences connect with and experience dance.



  • Deliver innovative artistic experiences to the greater San Diego audience and beyond, through setting new standards for artistic excellence, innovation, and creativity

  • Present uniquely curated performance experiences that consider the human condition, 

  • Encourage artistic growth and exploration, fostering a nurturing environment where classical and contemporary professional dance artists can amplify their voices, 

  • Educate and develop dance artists as well as enthusiasts through visceral performance and interactive experiences in an approachable and accessible way

  • Inclusion of diverse community voices and a promotion of equity through dance to captivate a devoted, supportive, continually growing, and diverse audience


The City Ballet School of San Diego was established by internationally known ballet artists, Steven and Elizabeth Wistrich in 1992. It has grown to become San Diego’s premiere ballet school with a world-wide reputation.

Students are taught the essence of several classical styles which creates a versatility and well roundedness not to be underestimated.

Each student is carefully evaluated to make sure they are physically ready for the technical demands of the level they have been placed. Preventing injuries while training is of the utmost importance to the school. Flexibility, strength, and stamina increase gradually as the student progresses from level to level.

The school’s strong curriculum gives the students the tools and skills they will need to meet the demands required in today’s dance world.

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Since 1993, City Ballet of San Diego has thrived under the artistic direction of Steven Wistrich, the choreography of Elizabeth Wistrich, and general management of Jo Anne Emery. These three individuals have guided City Ballet and together have achieved a high level of artistic competence and success.

We at City Ballet of San Diego commit ourselves to the same high standards for performances, artistic achievement and ballet education as other renowned ballet companies throughout the world. And as the major presenter of George Balanchine ballet in Southern California we now have 19 of his ballets in our repertoire.

City Ballet’s education programs reach over 10,000 school children annually offering in-theater performances and all-school assemblies. All of City Ballet’s education programs such as our “Discover a Dancer” program, an in-depth residency program for at risk youth, are funded in part by generous donations to City Ballet’s Education Fund.

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I am a freelance photographer, and videographer, as well as a professional dancer and artistic director. In 2018 I founded The Rosin Box Project,  San Diego's premier contemporary ballet company, and currently act as Artistic Director, Dance Artist, and Director of Photography. 


Let's connect and create something together. Whether it is portraits, branding, a wedding, a memory, a project for fun, or the hell of it, something that moves, something that's moving, your idea, my idea, or part of a bigger picture. I want to make it, and I'd love to create it with you. 

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As founders of Stand Down, Veterans Village of San Diego is proud to provide our annual intervention program supporting more than 800 homeless veterans and their families with the dedication of 3,000 tireless and committed volunteers and more than 150 service providers.

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