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Let’s Combat E-Waste…California Right to Repair Act: Infinote Music in Planning Phases of Launching Repair Meetings

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A video from San Diego CBS 8 shows student's outside a Tech Repair shop with one hell of a worthwhile fight. Having run a functional recording outfit and making many in house repairs for well over two decades, we are versed in the tools and resources needed for fixing modern day electronics. We are also aware of the financial benefits but more importantly we understand the environmental impact. As the Tech companies like Apple and its competitors slowly extingish consumers ability to fix their devices, inflation makes replacing those devices a luxury for most and impossible for many. While creating a scary amount of plastic and metal waste.

Video from Sept 9th, 2023 via

Published Thursday August 24th, 2023

(article from By Rohan Gaswami)

As a loyal Apple customer and a creative entrepreneur, I will say their devices are second to none. For a great portion of the creative community, students nationwide and pretty much anyone whom needs to use a phone or computer, devices have become an essential part of life and bitten apples can be seen prevalently all over the place. For their contribution to creativity and their ease of user ability, Apple deserves much credit. But as the years stavk up, so do the piles of unrepairable devices.

Interconnectivity during classes, lectures and many other University/Institution driven necessities like homework, digital learning, dating, calendars and many other educational functions have become almost entirely existent upon the back of the modern day electronic.

However on July 1st 2024, all that is supposed to change for Californians. Stay linked for more information and feel free to write to our congressman/woman expressing your feelings on all of our "Right To Repair."

Clink the link below to check if your state has embraced the legislation and supports the Right To Repair

For more information on this leading edge conversation, and to find out ways you can limit electronic waste visit: or for videos and tips or tools go to

Or visit the Plastic Pollution Website

And if you are strongly opposed for good reason, have a peek at this opposite viewpoint

Should consumers be allowed to repair their own devices? There is a strong argument for specific instances where electricity discharge or certian parts can offload unknown chemicals as a result of their presence within a larger consumer good, like an automobile or lawnmower, but for now tell us what you think.

Should consumers have the “Right To Repair?”

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