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NEW RELEASE By Jeff Dewine & Infinote Music

Have a listen to the new rough mixes for JD's People In The Graveyard, This five song EP contains original songs written, recorded and produced by Jeff Dewine & Infinote Music. With stylistically diverse compositions including Pop, Rock, Soul, RnB and my first ever Hip Hop song, this group of songs is unique in many ways.

Lyrically the song "Help Me," pay's homage to the African American struggle in the last century and was inspired by the senseless racial violence of the previous few years.

"Her One Me None (Hey Mother Earth)" talks of the turbulence mother nature has issued across the globe over this past decade.

"People In The Graveyard" and "Safe in My Arms" are more sentimental piece's about the weight that comes with the adoration of loved ones.

Please share thoughts and critiques and thank you for listening.

  1. People In The Graveyard

  2. Her One Me None (Hey Mother Earth)

  3. Safe In My Arms

  4. Help Me (Comin Through)

  5. Help Me (Comin Through) Instrumental

JD's People In The Graveyard (as rough mixes) Now available for $5.00; only on Infinote Music.

All Music & Lyrics © Jeff Dewine & Infinote Music

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